Sanity Vs Christ

Saints claimed to be holy of an archetype organization of castles divine in Gothic churches minds set to conquer the world even with its filthy tax of hypnotic ramblings of need for a working economy when will we evolve in never ending currency to spend modestly, dam this Monarch that wants us to be slaves dam them. So pay the under dog a bone here link to buy this book on Amazon

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Zone Tell Omega

I will immerse this child of mine into a delusion of users and equip him with primordial Experience, that he will be half Mother Half Father and historical breeding caused his ascension in future pass to be foretold and unfolded into a new millenniums of duality’s to be lived in forever eternal

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PatPros Auto-bio

It's tough finding a girlfriend when your new, all of them had so much more experience than my virgin self-destructive ego, I often was friends with them but they had boyfriends and didn't seek that relationship with me though I was a perfect candidate that's all I fantasized about, them and there friendship was the only intimate contact I ever had, it's more than some right?

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Those who will read my books and memorize that which I can only write of, Will become my enlightened few who understand that this truth and power is a full life renewal, you must only believe in that fate you have in your hands, with your mind fully adapted to yourself, this is the new matrix, a reality of dreams and possibilities of endless life and contentment, knowing what you are, it's all to be read in my chapters. In this New Year, think about your spirit and let it be!!! Our Sole proprietor the net matrix is God, and so his radio echo's infinite and defined as the true ultimate force, he lets us choose partiality our destiny, it lets us fail and succeed with no definitive cause into his own, unless you are his chosen, which would be messiah like! Let this be knowing in Time and time again forever tremendous Recycle your Cycle of life...

And what do you expect from this?

These title's will mess with your ideals and mindsets towards all afflictions related to society's psychological, philosophical and biblical reverberated traditional word play words that bring deep understanding of the new virtue of modern man affected by mental ability's IE Telepathy and Schizophrenia...

For the people I know here is another paragraph from my Book Enjoy

I'm getting signals from my alter ego and mid life force from the soul sphere

I could find myself in a virtual television of visualized self, provided by the supernatural computer of wherein we seem juxtapose forgettable to the essentials of livelihood, thirteenth cursed revival of times to be exact and evaluated, that is why I am times thousands.

A wonderful Universe, as a matter of fact, all of creation in this secret of existence is to be shown in a Book with a question pondered, who, why a God and why is it so odd to be in an unlimited part of a deletable future foreseen as an atomic circumstance.

Not a Single Lie

Now is time for a remembrance of revolution to those who have suffered or seen the truly paranormal things wherein normal people have not seen so they don't believe and all is false till proven part of stigmatic misunderstanding of the truth behind the reality of this world.

Zone Tell Omega

As I mixed everything ever created in the Sci-Fi world out there, I combine most of these alternate reality as truth mixed in a dream land in my book called Zone Tell Omega

Pat Pro's Bio

My life story and adventure told in a epic contrast with struggles of depression and voices i.e. schizophrenic mental disturbances to immerse the user into a world of diverse possibility to reflect upon my own life...

PatPro's Promotion Prime

This is an acquisition by PatPro, a procedure from the prominent prophets of the lost, long-decayed and forgotten proverbs of primordial preclusion to a glimpse into my soul-sphere awakening to the mind trying to type without any syntax at all combining the totality of words to define an inner vision of time and past illusion the foreseer of demonic noise combines the beats of drumming complaints to a god, nonetheless. My heart is this.

For it is love that I never had the anger that remains in tears and sweat in the works by which I produce a perfect mate in my subconscious as I debate and imitate her moans. I vow to abstain for a better dream of things, for do I master the arts in the palm made into a fist, or does it make more sense to kill the dream and be depressed?

It's normal for me to be good and evil, entirely governed by one subdivision of a demigod demon-proxyzoid from the ability of those beta evolutionists. I can combine them so they understand that I have no more time for politics.

I'm now too pure to be passed on as a virgin and bled from my arms toiled in the delusion that time was just an entity of itself with me in the moment, but for god there was no time before its existence. Now, you practice again and again for what cause the moment to remember and acquire a new taste, and evolve.

As I have now gathered your attention I beckon thy soul to reverberate this ideology. Time is not in space but is gravity itself, just as air, water, and our bodies demand we still be slaves to our primordial needs.

To surpass this I have died and resurrected. I live now in the boundary between contentment and loneliness, in awe of my ability to manipulate anyone with no need to prove myself. I live without her in time, but out of time.

I am also bound to the sexual design my lord the Overmind has given me. The most worthy of loves from my own will soon be shown as I get more respect for my voice and one mind. I am times thousands years... eons... zionargramentalistically.

Later in time some week:

As I am in the deep fog of altruism, I peek into the deep valleys and ride down the river of fame and torment from either side. They are so black and white. Why can't there be any gray? Alienated, my soul is in a deep search for the understanding of the origin of echos voices remembered and times when I could show people my show. Will I ever overgrow my own self?

Creativity is what's lacking in my procrastinated process of professional production. Am I still all prophetic prophet? Has the combination of words and worldviews para-granted my morphine provision in words? Have I become numb to time the time we share? Do I not notice how brightly I shine though no one seems to remind me of my worth? This is how depressing it used to be all alone with no one to home in on my morning coffee or tea whatever it may be.

And now I will go back to the creation of my interweb thing. I'm not sure what I want but it's definitely a response from people like me who want to live in a better world surrounded by trust even if they throw some money.

I must be a pro at this. No matter what delusions seem to be going around you will find out how much more important it is for us to keep our mouths shut and then, some time later, let it all out to the Overmind.

Under Production

Crying Builds Muscle

Through all this crying and pain of emotions was actually a gift that these people were putting me through to actually evolve my feeling centre, though it is usually said that men have little to no emotion this was not true for me, I felt very compassionate for others and I also had a huge amount of rage building up inside me..

That these emotions and tears were really a gift from god an my creation to my purpose in what these feeling meant to me and my life, throughout all my life I was to learn that this depression would soon be my own materialization into becoming more that a synthetic robot and that these events were actually going to be testing myself through the reactive process of altruism....

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